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Ramadan ABC Book

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There is a universe outside of us where the moon is subordinate to the sun, the sky is endless, and then there’s our Mother World — where exists the notion of life, streamlined by right, and wrong.

As parents, it is our responsibility to inculcate The Religion in the minds and souls of our children/preschoolers/kids. We want them to righteously answer the call to prayer that is first delivered when we read adhan into their ears the day they are born. We want them to have the best of both worlds. And we want it to be an easy process.

Bearing this in mind, we have combined a Ramadan Book which can open the doors of Islam for them, so that while they learn what a ‘twinkle star’ is, they also learn who made the star in the first place.

This Ramadan Book sheds light on two avenues:

  • Introduce your child to themselves i.e. their name
  • Introduce your child to basic Islamic Concepts i.e. to embed their everyday behavior with morally upright seeds.