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Islamic ABC

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Having received overwhelming response to our customized Ramadan Book, we felt the need to make our limited edition, not-so-limited. While Ramadan may be a bygone at present, parents' responsibility to inculcate know-how that tells apart right from wrong remains a much-needed concern for all children.

Bearing a similar approach, we have revamped the Ramadan Book to bring it down to a more generic level. The central aim remains the same: While our children learn what a 'twinkle star' is, they also learn who made the star in the first place.

The Islamic Book is a collection of rhymes for our little ones. They may understand that Islam is their religion because they inherited it, but what we often forget is to provide them with recources to get more in-depth knowledge about the basics. It is at this tender age that children begin to learn and adapt to what is taught to them, which stays with them throughout their journey of life.

Each poem is drafted to introduce your child to a different concept, in the Islamic context, so that while they are captivated by creativity, they also learn a thing or two about the most significant aspect of their lives i.e. religion. This exposure is of paramount importance to lead a truly successful life in the present-day challenging times. Not only will they be able to relate to it on a personal level; they will also begin to identify with their daily practises with greater understanding.