Sleepy Marshmallows

I Love Pakistan

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After the mammoth success and recognition that we have received from our readers, we’ve returned with another book for our little angels that will not only help them learn about the gravity of Independence Day but will also open their minds to the importance of patriotism.

Children are like flowers and it’s no surprise that we must learn to nurture them but seldom parents find it challenging to educate their little ones about the importance of certain things in a way that they can grasp it. Our latest book on Independence Day showcases how our forefathers and the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah left no stone unturned to provide us with a separate state.

Our newest book discusses the significance of August 14th along with enlightening our readers about Independence Day. The book helps children acquire in-depth knowledge about the basics of the Independence Day of Pakistan and teach them in a fun and engaging way that how our ancestors struggled and worked hard to get Pakistan.

We’re certain that your children will love Sleepy Marshmallow’s latest read and will be able to grasp the information easily that will help them retain the importance of Independence Day and the little things that make this day historic.