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I Love Daddy

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From every hug you give and every minute you listen patiently, to every joke you crack and every sacrifice you make, you set an example with your integrity;  shaping your child into an individual who will grow up to make you feel proud.

Daddy, we Celebrate You!

For reasons unbeknownst to the common man, fathers have not exactly been the focus of many books; they may stand as one of those supporting characters in a children's book. Real-life, however, does not undermine the sheer importance of a father for his child. Although their physical presence generally clocks in fewer hours in their child's life, the strength and impact of the natural bond override all statistics.

Within this framework, The I love Daddy Book has been drafted as a gift of gratitude, while it simultaneously endeavours everyday experiences in the life of a child; recounting little moments of joy, that are simply the gift of a father for the love of their daughter/son.

So what are you waiting for? This father day let's celebrate fathers, and tell them how appreciated they are for everything they do!