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Eid al Adha

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Our children see them everywhere; the goats, the cows, the sheep and the camels. They feed them, look after them and find a friend in them. They know soon their beloved will be sacrificed; they are sad, yes, but they are also excited because ‘that day’ is the day of Eid, where everyone dresses up and attends dinner get-togethers.

But do they really know what is going on here; why the sacrifice is followed by celebrations.

We are so caught up with Eid ul Adha endeavours ourselves, we do not consciously think of the story of Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS), the Satan that was stoned, the Hajj that was mandated for every Muslim; where is the spiritual essence lost?

And why should our children be deprived of the knowledge of symbols and rituals, and the lessons that we can draw from them?

The 10th of Zil Hajj marks a very important day for all Muslims since the times of our ancestors. It awakens the mind and soul to a reminder that we all need as an Ummah: Tawakkul and Trust on Allah. It also helps eliminate negativity from our thoughts as we truly feel the essence of sacrifice

Our limited edition Eid ul Adha Book is what you need, as a parent, so you can nudge your child to develop the understanding of the lessons Allah has intended to teach all of mankind.