Sleepy Marshmallows

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We’re over the moon as we announce our newest book that will also take you to cloud nine.

Our latest venture is all about enlightening your child about the importance of cleanliness and staying active. Sleepy Marshmallows brings you a book where you can teach your child to wake up in the morning on time, brush their teeth, having breakfast, exercise, play, and go to bed on time.

All the above things are extremely crucial for a child to learn and know their importance on their fingertips. Sometimes, words and illustrations can do wonders for a child’s mind. Let your little one enter the planet of imagination where they can easily comprehend how vital it is to stay active, healthy, and clean. 

There’s no surprise in the fact that children learn what they see, hear, and read which is why it’s our utmost responsibility to teach them to do all the right things that benefit them.

This book comes with a chart, of all the healthy habits that the child reads in the book, and with the excitement of ticking them off learns to do them! 

Grab your book right now and allow us to do some magic for your munchkin.