About us

Reading has always been very close to my heart. Stepping into the land of fantasy, broadening the horizon of my imagination, engulfing myself into a writers world gave me a sense of calmness. I can easily describe reading as my way of taking a break from the chaos of the world.

As a mother now, I want to pass on this hobby to my girls, teaching them to embrace the joy of reading has become a mission. One very important reason for this is that a child's imagination is in its wildest form when they are young. If nurtured wisely parents can really nourish it further and encourage them to take on productive habits.

Whereas my way of honoring my daughters was with reading and writing. My sister had all sorts of amazing artistic creative ways to bond with them. My passion always lied in books, and my sister found her happy place in the midst of art. She for as long as I can remember has been extremely dedicated towards her passion for drawing and creating characters and bringing them to life.
Together we had the idea of creating visually appealing books for kids all over the globe, books that would not only make them learn but also fascinate them and definitely bring an adorable smile on their cute little faces.

Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that my sister inspired me with her characters and gave me a motivation to create all the wonderful poetry for not only my babies but yours too. 

We are definitely the perfect duo!

That's how Sleepy Marshmallows come into the picture. This is solely dedicated to our girls, Safa and Marwah. My sister and I always dreamt about doing something for the girls and create a strong and deep bond with them. Thus, gifting them the love for reading seemed like the perfect idea. To me, nothing is more comforting than holding a book in my hand and getting lost in a whole different world. But kids are a little tricky just words are never enough for them, Hence we decided to create something animated and colorful which can become a valuable gift for not only me and my girls but, also become something that parents all over the globe can enjoy with their babies.

Reading is extremely good for a child, it not only gives them a break from the screen time moreover, it allows a parent to spend quality time with their kids. Afterall at the end of the day that exactly what a kid wants and deserves and this also something that will definitely nourish their personality and bring out the best in them.